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El Campero has always cared about the environment and its safeguard, a promise for the Earth and for present and future generations, with the aim of hand down values in support of man and nature.
The company believes in a responsible production that protects the nature and the communities where we live. The product process is scheduled with due respect for the ecosystem and its biodiversity. The choice of raw materials used, the production chain and distribution are expressed in products designed and manufactured with awareness and great attention.


With this in mind, the company has set strict environmental standards for all categories of products.

  • The products are made with at least one recycled, organic or renewable component (ROR)
  • The leathers are all certified by the quality label Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium “Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale” and don’t contain harmful substances to humans or the environment. The tanneries selected and affiliated to the consortium have obtained the international certification DIN EN ISO 14001 and join the EU regulation EMAS
  • All yarns used, including finishing, are composed exclusively of not dangerous substances, which don’t involve risk to human health and to environmental safety
  • The manufacturer has achieved the certifications: DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001, DIN EN ISO / TS 16949 and supports the UE regulation REACH
  • PVC FREE * products
  • Heavy metals are not used during production

The brand aims to implement research on raw materials by focusing on the use of totally biodegradable material.

With a strong focus on environmental impact, the company is committed to reducing consumption with a rational use of water and energy resources; part of its profits are invested in the search for less polluting industrial processes and for the construction of increasingly efficient plants. The facilities that host it are powered by renewable energy sources and all the cars used are fueled by methane, decreasing the consumption of fossil fuels and consequently the emissions of greenhouse gases.


Integrity – in the sense of respect for rules, sincerity, seriousness and correctness – is an essential quality for company growth, and has always been the fulcrum of all the group’s commercial relations. The company extends its ethical responsibility to a wider organizational field, considering the achievement of its business not a means for profit but as the end of its actions. The brand realizes its commitment by integrating the actions related to the profit in total respect of the rights of the stakeholders to which it is linked, adopting a conscious, honest and incorruptible behavior. This means carrying out one’s work well and with dignity, inspired by shared principles and values.
A healthy and successful business is also determined by the conditions of its employees, so it is in the interest of the company to take care of the welfare of its cooperators. Interest that translates into a corporate welfare aimed at offering a higher education and in step with the times, ensuring a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace and reconciling the working life and private life of all the professionals involved.

In the protection of the territory, El Campero promotes integration initiatives aimed at establishing a positive relationship with the community, such as the recovery of ancient production areas, the destination of leathers and finished products to social and cultural development projects and the involvement of high schools in school-work alternation projects, in order to safeguard the art of the ancient tradition of leather.
The knowledge and skill of the artisans are precious values ​​to be handed down; with the prospect of not losing this wisdom, the company encourages and supports the training of young people in this discipline. Collaborations are not limited to high schools in the district but extend to the most prestigious fashion schools in Florence.
Also on the horizon is the foundation of a school of arts and crafts, with the primary objective of transmitting the history and tradition of the skin to the youngest. A territory of free thought where craftsmanship is the main tool for work and learning and where passion is combined with cultural and social commitment.

The members coming from various professional sectors, lend their knowledge with enthusiasm and vocation offering the opportunity to regain possession of those manual skills now dormant over time. An ever-changing teaching aimed at protecting the Florentine labor and tradition of leather and leather, for a future of growth, sensitivity and sharing.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) the third most common plastic product in the world, after polyethylene and polypropylene, is a synthetic material (polymer) present in many domestic and working environments in various forms and functions.
PVC is harmful to humans and the whole ecosystem throughout its life cycle, from the factory, to use, to disposal. Our bodies are contaminated with additive, poisonous chemical particles such as mercury and phthalates (toxic softeners that make it flexible). When it is produced or burned, PVC releases dioxins, a group of the most powerful chemicals ever tested, which can cause cancer as well as attack the immune system and the reproductive system.
During processing, to make the material flexible and resistant, additives are used that contaminate the entire recycling process, preventing the total disposal of PVC.