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About Us


El Campero is the tradition that renews and evolves. Symbol of a generation but never trite, its rude after all elegant style is still unmistakable. The authentic personality of the brand is growing over the years without ever betraying its origins, a unique expression of craftsmanship, design and quality that over time have enriched the classic El Campero world with innovation and a curious look at the future. Born in the ’60s by the passion entrepreneur Giuliano Bassini and became an icon for a generation, today the brand arise in the heart of Tuscany aspires to again become a reference in the fashion world.


El Campero is specialized in footwear and leather goods accessories production.

In particular it is expert in the production of boots, sandals and bags. The company boasts as its flagship product the timeless Camperos boots, symbol of the ’80s and “must have” among the youth cultures and the biker universe.
What makes the brand so exclusive? The distinctive style with a focus on attention to detail, quality certified raw materials and in-depth experience and knowledge of craftsmanship.

The company evokes an important history, the iconic boots complicits of the brand success, still stand out as trend and lifestyle; in strict connection with its classicism, however, the brand is constantly evolving and does not forget to investigate the tastes of the public and the novelties of the moment by entrusting the design to established stylists and giving space to young talents in full creative ferment.

The leathers are the result of an accurate and precise selection, to guarantee a very high quality and a meticulous refinement since the beginning of the working product cycle. These are excellent materials tanned exclusively for the company and treated with eco-friendly methods that don’t involve the use of dangerous materials for man or the environment. El Campero boots, totally Made in Italy, are manufactured by skilled master shoemakers. They passionately bequeath the craft traditions, creating a unique and timeless shoe. Every single production phase is controlled with scrupulous attention until the finishing that gives the shoe an original and unrepeatable look. The result is a prized item of incomparable beauty and durability; a boot with unrivaled comfort that acquires charm and value, growing and improving with you.


El Campero acts properly and consciously in relation to the products, to the territory, to workers and to the community it works with and relates; in compliance with EU regulations and directives in the European and international fields. It designs and manufactures its own collections according to an ethical conduct and responsible for both raw materials and for processing, pledging to safeguard and protect the environment by using its resources effectively.


Closely linked to Italy, the Tuscany region and the local community, the company intends to transmit the beauty of craftsmanship, leaving the wisdom and manual skills of the trade to the new generations; for this reason it invests in the training of guys with school-work alternation projects. Moreover specialized professionals in the group, actively collaborate with renowned fashion schools in Florence: Fashion Academy, High School leather goods, MITA, IED.
The short-medium term goal of the brand is to establish an arts and crafts school, professional and qualifying, in order to protect the Florentine labor and tradition of hide and leather, the triumph of Italian creativity. Forge the new generations to admire and understand the true value of craftsmanship as art; with the hope of a rebirth that returns moral and economic dignity to work.


Currently the Tuscan company is located in the most important international stores and the world famous showrooms: Mercì, LuisaViaRoma, Brian & Barry, etc. It is also engaged in co-branding activities with many European and American fashion houses. El Campero treads most prestigious international star system red carpets producing exclusive products for special events, emblematic of the sector country and western is wanted by the world of music, film and television.

Forward-looking vision of the company for the future is to strengthen the business in the total look with accessories and leather garments. The brand offers cutting-edge products and in line with the current market, more and more careful to meet any specific request from the buyer; products are increasingly focused on personalization (mass customization), the collections are faster and more dynamic to conform to the new fashion timelines, in order to increase the interaction with the customer and the exclusivity of the collections.