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Our Story

Italy, early 50s; the country after a first phase of reconstruction is in full excitement, it is experiencing strong economic and technological growth. These are the years of the economic boom, of the Italian miracle, where everything seems possible. In this positive atmosphere of rebirth and renewal, a young and resourceful Giuliano Bassini decides to realize his dream. This is the story of a great man and how EL CAMPERO has become a famous historical brand.

Giuliano dynamic and bold moves to Switzerland with the idea of earning a little money and returning to Italy; he juggles many jobs until he introduces in an artisan shop and it is here where he discovers love for leather goods art. Patient and careful observe the skillful hands of the master, he developed a passion for the profession, learns and holds the secrets of the leather. It is not enough for a smart and energetic boy like Giuliano to be good; we must go further. It was born in him the desire to create its own line of products to emerge for the high quality of the raw material: the vegetable leather. He began to make the first rudimentary models of small leather goods accessories, specializing mainly in belts and bags. Giuliano refined his skills and aware of his talent wants to venture into a more difficult challenge, to design and produce workwear and leather boots, from the excellent manufacture, destined to the world of horse riding and hunting.

We are in 1960 and Giuliano, full of enthusiasm and enriched with skills, returns to Italy, in his homeland, Città di Castello, where he creates a workshop of bags that in a few years experiencing a great growth. It will be precisely the collection of handbags in natural hide to confirm the success of the company becoming a best seller, thanks to the quality of leather and excellent workmanship.

The idea of Giuliano takes shape and evolves over time; the line of workwear is outclassed by the fashion line, rustic but sophisticated, with a sporty soul and a rebellious spirit. His work boots are transformed into Camperos which will soon become a flagship product. The model is inspired by the work uniform of the campesinos and the Argentine cattlemen of the eighteenth century; the story tells that the more the herdsman showed fluency and mastery in riding, the more he had the right to decorate his camperos with spurs, drawings and embroidery. Giuliano wanted to make this culture his own and thanks to countless trips to South America he personally studied these ornaments in a careful and in-depth way. The influence of the West universe is reflected in all the accessories, you breathe it in the same iconic elements that define the brand identity: hand-stitched embroidery, embossed buckles, star studs with eight points and the soles incised hot iron, made from the finest hide from the best Italian breeding farms.

The brand obtains the approval of the Italian public, its triumph is indisputable; all the guys in those years wear the leather boots from the low heel and round toe, EL CAMPERO is imposed among the youth cultures and motorcyclists becoming a symbol of a generation; the line of the brand dictates fashion and rises to a status symbol to establish itself as an icon of the ’80s.

The affirmation of the brand derives from its exclusivity, the distinguished and accurate style down to the smallest details, the guaranteed quality of leather and materials and the superlative level of craftsmanship. The leathers are specially selected and tanned for the company; treated with natural methods free of harmful elements for man or the environment. The excellence of the materials is the basis of a refined product that stands out for the extreme quality and the original authentic and lived aspect resulting from a long finishing process.

The El Campero boots, entirely Made in Tuscany, are made by the skill of competent craftsmen who transmit with love the noble footwear tradition creating an extraordinary and timeless shoe. The production is controlled in every single phase with zeal and commitment until the last finishing phase that perfects the shoe with a unique and unrepeatable appearance. An elegant and precious item, resistance and durable; an extraordinarily comfortable boot that transforms and changes, becomes more beautiful and fascinating, enhancing itself with the passing of time.

After the enchantment of the lively 80’s, in the 90’s we return to reality where we must clash with the difficulties of globalization; years are confused balanced between the certainty of a glorious past and the mystery of a millennium brand new.
Even fashion is undecided and doesn’t know what path to take, they are undefined years on clothing; basically the previous decade’s styles continue, but elaborated with a personal touch. The homologation is passed but people imitates the celebrities, especially of music. The jeans are absolute leaders of the wardrobe, there are still the bright and fluo colors, oversized shirts and cowboy look but essentially moderate than the eccentricity of the previous decade.It is difficult to identify the fashion of the time because it is not distinguished by particular characteristics, also because of the success of the prêt-a-porter shops.

Fashion everyone knows, is fickle and easily get bored and the markets in constant evolution suffer from the dangerous attraction. EL CAMPERO, stable and consolidated undertaking, has managed to face suffered seasons, decreasing however its growth. To oppose the crisis in the Italian leather goods market and the increase in production costs, the company decided to diversify its offer by proposing a young and authentic total look and enter the European foreign market.

In 2004 a group of Tuscan investors with extensive experience in the world of leather goods and luxury footwear, took over EL CAMPERO with a strong conviction to revitalize and renew the brand restoring it the due attention. The company located in the heart of Tuscany, near Florence, not far from the renowned tanning district of “Santa Croce sull’Arno” is a mature and concrete company oriented towards a financial and commercial structure.

The primary objective is to promote product quality, enhancing the excellence of Tuscany and the great tradition of leather goods: the Vegetable Tanned Leather; material connected to the company’s history and used by all the luxury brands. A real, original and durable boot made to last; in line with consumer trends that favor conscious purchases.

Today the brand operates in the world market, in particular European and American; positioned in the most famous warehouses and international showrooms, it is linked in cobranding activities with many European and American fashion houses. Symbol of country and western fashion, its presence emerges in the world of music, cinema and television, creating exclusive products for special events; boasts collaborations with: Filmauro, Indiana Production, Sony and Vogue.

The company follows an ethical and responsible conduct towards its employees, the environment and territory. In deep relationship with the region and the local community, the brand is committed to pass down the beauty of craftsmanship and to train the new generations; short-medium term goal of the brand is the foundation of a school of arts and crafts with the aim of imparting and preserving the labor and the Florentine tradition of hide and leather.

For the future, the company wants to consolidate the business in the total look with leather clothing and accessories, in line with the increasingly demanding and frenetic dynamics of the fashion market; keeping strong his personality and his behavior.

The work of the arts, oriented at improving the whole community and not based only on the simple concept of profit for its own sake, restores the benefit of merit and economic growth. It is in this frame that EL CAMPERO bases its philosophy, not neglecting the added value obtained from the combination between art and craftsmanship.